Recruit This! Linda Orlosky on her Role as FCG’s New Recruiting Manager


What makes Freedom Consulting Group so great? Our people! Not only do they do incredible work, they’re also the epi-center of the unique company culture we pride ourselves on. Because of this great culture and the strong reputation our amazing teams have built over the years, we are growing, growing, growing. To support our hiring needs and growth, Linda Orlosky recently joined the Freedom Youniverse as Recruiting Manager. With 10+ years of experience in the world of HR, Linda is an exciting addition to the corporate team. Learn more about her in this Q&A:

What about the opportunity at FCG are you most excited for?

Coming from a business that worked in the same community, I have always known of the great reputation of Freedom and its employees. I look forward to working with this great team and hiring more talent to support our mission.

How did your 10+ years of HR experience lead you to where you are today?

Over my many years of HR experience, I have worked in a number of industries. I led HR departments for a lumber company, healthcare facility, marketing company, and hi-tech engineering firms. More recently, I had success focusing my efforts on recruiting in the Intelligence Community. I enjoy the challenging work and have built relationships in this industry.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

My advice would be to build and maintain your relationships with people in the field. To be successful, having contacts is very important.

If you had to pick a personal motto/charge, what would it be?

“Be the person you would be proud to be.”

What’s one thing about you that FCGers may be surprised to hear?

Apparently, I quickly fit into the company. As soon as I mentioned I had twin boys, I was told I was perfect for the position! I am a proud mother of twin 15-year-old boys and an 18-year-old daughter, and live in Columbia.

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