Project Profile: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


In FCG’s “Project Profile” series, we highlight some of the projects our top-notch talent works so hard to see succeed for a variety of different information technology fields.

 The Project: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

In a Nutshell: FCG provides enterprise geospatial support and development services to the DoD. FCG has provided services to this customer for more than a decade, and over the years the scope of the project has grown. It has migrated from a project focused on life-cycle support of applications/services developed by other contractors, to development and implementation of geospatial solutions.

By the Numbers:

11: The number of years FCG has worked on GIS.

11: The number of FCGers out of 17 total FTEs on the project.

22,000+: The number of hours a year FCG spends supporting this project.

From the Trenches: “We recently migrated our development work to a true Agile methodology – which was a huge milestone, as well as a huge hurdle,” said Wendy T, FCG’s PM for GIS. “Our team of developers could work on any of the 20+ smaller projects that we support, which makes it difficult to plan and implement Agile since there is not one common deliverable every sprint. Our team has been extremely flexible in the implementation of Agile and has been recognized by management for our success!” 

The Technology: “We use so many technologies to succeed so it’s hard to call one out specifically,” said Wendy. “Nagios has played a critical role in our success because we are able to monitor and report on various system-specific variables, which can be used to determine system health. This ensures that we have advanced notice if systems are beginning to fail and can address any possible issue promptly. We also push all status updates to central dashboards where users can view system availability and potential degradations in service.”

The Successes: “Probably our biggest success story was when our team collaborated with one of our top vendors, Esri, on helping them improve a software product so it could work with the amount of data we process,” Wendy said. “Our developers really helped them understand the magnitude of data we store and the requirements for response time. The vendor used this information along with our developers testing changes on our network to improve their product, and also named us their 2010 Business Partner of the Year!”


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