My Unusual Degree: Stephanie D.


Here at Freedom Consulting Group, we come from all different walks of life, combining our collective skills and backgrounds to rocket forward on our shared mission. In Stephanie D’s case, when we say a different walk of life…we mean it. Get to know FCG’s Criminology degree-wielding HR Assistant in this month’s edition of My Unusual Degree.


So we hear you have a bit of an unusual degree for someone at Freedom Consulting Group. Tell us about it! 

I have a degree in Criminology from UMD. I was always interested in the social sciences growing up and continued taking classes geared towards society in college. That led me to major in Criminology, which is a subset of the field of Sociology. Learning about the legal system, law enforcement, and it’s interaction with civilians was pretty interesting.

How did that educational path end you up at FCG?

I think that FCG was interested in my background in legal studies and how it fit well with working in the field of Human Resources. A lot of the world of HR is based in the constructs of U.S. labor law and regulation, and requires an individual to have some knowledge of legal composition and application. 

What are some ways that your degree has helped you in this field?

I never realized how much reading and studying case briefs would help with my job, but it really comes into play when dealing with federal documents/forms and being able to understand changes in law in regards to employees. Administering employee benefits has to be in line with Federal/State laws and statutes, which can be confusing if you haven’t been exposed to a lot of legal jargon and information.

Do you find you approach problem solving in a different way because of the influence of your program?

Criminology and sociological studies force you to look at difficult and in-depth situations in our communities that have to be approached from all sides. I was taught to be critical of your decisions because someone’s life may change as a result of your actions, which requires being honest, fair, and trustworthy. I apply these concepts to my everyday decision-making, and always consider all options and outcomes that could be created.

What advice would you give to current college students in a program similar to the one you graduated from?

Unfortunately, my degree is pretty narrow in focus for what fields you are prepared to work in after graduation. If someone is interested in Criminology and other studies, I recommend taking on a minor or double major to expand your employment options after college if you don’t plan on becoming a lawyer or a police officer!

What similarities do you see between Criminology and HR? (Answer at your own risk!)

There are a lot of similarities actually, make one false move or bad decision in either one and you may have the legal system on your “case”… (Sorry, I love terrible jokes!) 

CSI – love it or hate it?

Ugh, I hate all of those types of sensational shows! Police work and forensics are not like them in the real world.

Thanks, Stephanie! No matter where you come from, when you’re a part of the FCG team, you’re right where you belong. Got a wacky degree or background? Comment below and you could be featured in next month’s spotlight!


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