American Diabetes Tour de Cure: FCG Edition


We’re a family here at Freedom Consulting Group, so when one of our own has a cause they passionately believe in – so do we. That’s why when our graphic designer Francesca Pehr said she wanted to put together a team for the American Diabetes Tour de Cure, we were immediately on board…or, more appropriately, on bike. Find out why for Francesca, it’s about so much more than a race.

What is the American Diabetes Tour de Cure and what does it mean to you? 


The Tour De Cure is a bike race that aims to raise funds for those affected with diabetes. Money goes to research into a cure, education on managing the disease, and even helps pay for basic medical needs like test strips and medication. My mother was diagnosed with diabetes while I was in college and it changed her life. After watching her struggle with it for years, I jumped at the opportunity to play a small part in improving someone’s life with the disease. I have also been an avid cyclist for almost 5 years now and during the training for my first triathlon, mom and dad became interested in the sport. It helped encourage my dad to lose over 80 pounds and has helped my mom defy just about every stereotype you might have about someone with diabetes (She’s a badass athlete by the way). The race fit so naturally into our lives that the three of us agreed to do the race without hesitation.

Why did you encourage FCG to participate?

It seemed like a no-brainer to ask FCG to participate – the company is full of cyclists, I knew it wouldn’t take much convincing to get a team together for the ride, and I knew that FCG is a supporter of charitable events like this. I thought it could be mutually beneficial for FCG to get our name out there into the cycling community as a company that supports these initiatives.

Have you (or FCG) participated in years past and if so, what was your experience like?

I have never participated in this particular race, however, this is not my first race in general. I’ve done bike races, runs, and triathlons and my experience with all of them has been empowering and awesome. It’s definitely a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding to see so many people come together to test themselves, support others, and raise money for various charities.  


What has the response from FCG and your coworkers been like so far?

It’s been great – I couldn’t have expected a better turn out and I had no idea so many people would be interested. Everyone seems to be excited and fundraising is going really well! I always feel like FCG is eager to support us in our passions inside and outside of work.

If you wanted to encourage someone who is thinking about participating, what would you say to them?

Do it! There are many different distances to choose from and it is for a great cause! You don’t have to be a regular cyclist to come out and join us for a day, and it is such a rewarding experience that I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Are you ready to race? Register to participate by May 5. Even if biking isn’t your forté, you can still contribute to the cause by donating to the FCG team and attending the FCG afterparty to help support our cyclists.


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